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Incredible Snow and Amazing Winter Sunshine!

One of the best kept secrets in Southwest Colorado is our miles and miles of excellent snowmobile trails. Montrose may be far south, but take it from the experts, Arctic Cat engineers and test riders who come to this area every year to use the local riding area for high altitude testing. These trails are great! Sorry, Arctic Cat, someone had to let the cat out of the bag.

Perfect Snowmobiling Conditions near Country Lodge

Montrose is located in a beautiful sunny valley surrounded by mountains. The winters are mild and mostly snow-free, with blue skies and January afternoon temps in the 40’s and 50’s.  But take a 45 minute drive in any direction from the Country Lodge and you’ll find great snowmobiling areas with 400 to 500 inches of powder snow. 
Steep, deep, 13,000 ft. altitude of fresh snow, sometimes every day, unbelievable scenery, temperatures above 10 degrees most of the time and the best part - very little competition for untracked powder snow. Southwest Colorado is truly a sled heads paradise.

The snowmobile season can start as early as December 1st depending on snow fall. January 1st through April 15th is usually the most reliable times to book your reservations.

When booking your rooms at Country Lodge, talk to Jeff about riding with you and your group. It is suggested that at a minimum, the first time in each new area Jeff Anderson be asked to join your riding party.
Great Lodging Amenities for Snowmobilers

Centrally located to several riding destinations, the Country Lodge is the perfect place to call home on your next Colorado snowmobile trip. The Country Lodge will cater to all your needs with beautiful spacious rooms, ample parking for trucks and trailers and a loading ramp for those who transport their sleds in the back of their trucks.  We even have a heated garage for that guy who needs to tinker! 

Start your day with a free continental breakfast while you find out the day’s weather conditions.  Talk to lodge owner Jeff Anderson, he’ll personally help you choose from a great selection of riding destinations. The lodge will even pack a sack lunch for the trail.

When you return from what’s sure to be an exhilarating day, soak in our outdoor hot tub – we keep it at a wonderful 104 degrees!  Wash and dry your wet gear in our laundry room and you’re ready for another day on the trails.

Nearby Snowmobile Trails for All Levels
Each riding area has a different level of difficulty, from novice or trail riding to steep and deep, where GPS and avalanche beacons are required. There are groomed trails, however most of the riding here is off trail.  All machines must be prepared for high altitude. The lowest riding elevation is 10,000 feet.  Your host at Country Lodge, Jeff Anderson, is an avid rider with 4 years back country experience and is often available to show you or your group around.

Mountain Sled Rentals and Repair Shops in nearby Grand Junction

Rentals are available at Funshares Rentals in Grand Junction, an hour’s drive north. Pick up a rental on the way to the lodge.  Or bring your own turbo charged powerhouse or mountain sled.  A trail sled will be useless off the trail, mountain sleds are a must when back country riding.
Montrose plays host to all the major snowmobile manufactures so if the unfortunate breakdown happens we have you and your machine covered. If there is a breakdown, a machine can be easily obtained in Grand Junction.

Getting to Montrose to Snowmobile

If you’re traveling to Colorado by air, we recommend flying in to either Grand Junction or Montrose.  All rental machines are in Grand Junction so it is cheapest and most recommended to use that airport. The Montrose airport also offers jet service.

Average yearly snowfall, elevation and drive time in local riding areas from Montrose CO.

  1. Grand Mesa 525 in. 10,500 ft. 40 min. drive
  2. Uncompahgre Plateau 450 in. 10,000 ft. 30 min. drive
  3. Molas Pass 550 in. 12,000 ft. 1 hr. 15 min. drive
  4. Arrowhead 450 in. 10,500 ft. 45 min. drive
  5. Kebler Pass 550 in. 12,000 ft. 1hr. 30 min. drive
  6. Black Mesa 500 in. 10,500 ft. 1hr. drive
  7. Barlow Creek 500 in. 12,000 ft. 1hr. 30 min. drive


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