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Jeff Anderson

Your Personal Snowmobile Expert at Country Lodge

Jeff Anderson, owner of the Country Lodge, relocated to Montrose, Colorado in 2005 to pursue a new career in the lodging industry.  Knowing that Montrose only receives an average of 8 inches of precipitation per year, Jeff put his performance trail sled up for sale before moving from Minnesota, preparing to give up his favorite winter activity.  What he didn’t realize was all of the mountains surrounding Montrose gets hammered with loads of snow!

When the first winter came Jeff started to see a few long track sleds on trailers packed with snow. Excited to see this, the obvious question was, where do people go to find good snow? The discovery was a bonafide gold mine offering what every sled head needs - lots of snow in the surrounding mountains! 

Having a lifelong passion for snowmobiling, Jeff went out and bought his first mountain machine. Since then he has been working diligently on spending as much time as possible in the mountains studying the terrain and learning all he can about the local riding hot spots.

Four years of riding all the areas hot spots has brought him to the point of being ready to share his knowledge of extreme snowmobiling in Colorado. This area is spectacular for those who crave steep, deep, untracked powder snow.  In many of the riding areas you will not see any other sleds all day and the only tracks you might see are the ones you made earlier that day.

Jeff and his wife Jennyfer invite you to experience the winter vacation of your lives at the Country Lodge – the best Montrose motel in the area for snowmobile enthusiasts!